West Coast Medical Specialists Pre-Owned Equipment

We offer high quality new, pre-owned and refurbished ophthalmic equipment. We only sell lasers and diagnostic equipment that we can warranty, service or repair. We stand behind what we do. If you’re in the market for new or refurbished, we can consult or guide you on the solution that best meets your needs.

Lumenis Selecta II Laser

Lumenis Selecta II Laser

The Lumenis Selecta II SLT laser offers you all the advantages of a premium SLT product together with true portability and maximum space utilization. The Selecta II is a clip-on product; conveniently fitting onto most commercially-available converging-optics style slit lamps. The unique design of the unit’s laser-head makes it especially easy to attach and disconnect the system – allowing you to use your slit lamp as either a diagnostic tool, advanced laser delivery device or both.

Zeiss Visulas III Yag Laser

The VISULAS® YAG III from Carl Zeiss is a milestone in the development of practice-oriented photodisruption laser systems. It brings together latest generation optical experience and technological excellence and provides maximum ease of use with the lowest possible amount of patient stress. The VISULAS YAG III is used for applications like posterior capsulotomy and iridotomy.

Zeiss Visulas III Yag 1
Ellex Tango Laser

Ellex Tango Laser

Whether you’re treating glaucoma, or you’re seeking to perform capsulotomy procedures, Tango™, with its fully featured SLT laser and its powerful, precise YAG laser, will ensure that you can achieve the results you and your patients are looking for — every time.

Lightmed Deux SLT/Yag Laser

Proven effective in treating secondary cataract, glaucoma and vitreous floaters, with expanding applications in retinal diseases, the LIGHTLas SLT Deux-V SLT/YAG combination system with vitreolysis offers industry-leading versatility. Additionally, LIGHTMED’s modular design allows you to add vitreolysis or photocagulation modalities at any time.

Deux 1
Iridex GL Laser1

Iridex GL 532 Laser

Pushing the solid-state laser technology envelope, the IRIDEX OcuLight GL produces a true, continuous-wave green (532nm) laser light for retinal photocoagulation. The advantage for the doctor over competitive products is a smaller overall package, unsurpassed reliability and a familiar clinical response.The design follows the successful OcuLight SL family with easy-to-use, intuitive controls and a stepped casework design that allows cooling in a tight environment.

Lightmed SLT Laser

The Lightmed SLT Laser is a premier laser system to treat glaucoma, with the ability to expand to treat vitreous floaters, secondary cataracts, iridotomies, and retinal diseases. It offers industry-leading versatility.

Lightmed SLT
Lumenis Aura PT

Lumenis Aura PT Yag Laser

The Aura® PT™ Ophthalmic YAG Photodisruptor Laser System represents the latest YAG product offering from Lumenis – a market leader in ophthalmic laser technologies.

The preferred product for anterior-segment procedures such as laser iridotomy and capsulotomy, the Aura PT includes advanced specifications which make treatment fast and accurate for superior patient care.

Designed to be safe and easy to use, the Aura PT is the result of years of engineering and manufacturing expertise. The Aura’s advanced features – a 16 degree cone angle, precision optics, adjustable posterior & anterior offset, high repetition rate and variable burst modes – allow you to perform capsulotomies on all types of intraocular lenses (IOL) with significantly lower risk of lens pitting. In addition, the superior laser cavity design enables more efficient tissue cutting at lower power and with fewer shots.

Zeiss Combi Laser

The VISULAS YAG III Combi from Carl Zeiss is the “multi-purpose” laser for retinal photocoagulation, secondary cataract treatment and for laser glaucoma therapies. At the push of a button you can switch between posterior and anterior laser treatment. This high performance combo device is designed for use even in rooms where space is at a premium. Both lasers – the VISULAS YAG III and the VISULAS 532s – fit snugly beneath the instrument table, freeing up a large amount of space and ensuring ample freedom of movement.

Zeiss Combi Laser
Coherent Opal PDT Laser

Coherent Opal PDT Laser

Opal Photoactivator especially for use in photodynamic therapy with verteporfin, a drug produced by CIBA Vision Corporation, the eye care unit of Novartis AG. The Opal laser used in conjunction with Visudyne therapy represents an incredible advance in ocular photodynamic therapy (PDT). In this approach, the Opal laser is used not as a cutting tool but to activate a therapeutic drug in the patient’s eye, providing a minimally invasive, focused treatment for AMD. The Opal offers innovative features unavailable on any other laser — features that ensure uncompromised treatment, safety, and patient care

Jeisys SmoothCool IPL

SmoothCool makes photorejuvenation predictable and effective with specific filters to target melanin, hemoglobin, hair, diffuse erythema, acne and much more.

ATC (Advanced Cooling Technology) allows SmoothCool to deliver the highest peak power from a commercial system with unmatched speed, safety and comfort. It maintains skin surface temperature precisely with an integrated high capacity cooling system that can operate down to -10 degrees C at any treatment speed.

SC System
Lumenis M22

Lumenis M22 IPL

M22™ is a modular multi-application platform for the treatment of over 30 skin conditions and hair removal. Used by physicians around the world, M22™ enables you to treat a vast variety of patients and conditions with excellent outcomes.


The TearScience® LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System, is a medical device used by physicians in addressing Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). It consists of a Console and a single-use sterile device, known as the Activator, and has a drug-free mechanism of action. Eye care professionals use the TearScience® LipiFlow® System to treat MGD patients in-office with confidence and efficiency.

Humphrey Field Analyzer

Humphrey Field Analyzer 740i/745i/750i

Carl Zeiss Humphrey 740i/745i/750i Visual Field Analyzer came with design and clinical experience and networked easily to other computers with select diagnostic tools. Carl Zeiss Humphrey 740i/745i/750i is the premier automated visual field perimeter care in glaucoma diagnosis and management. The Humphrey 740i/745i/750i in two minutes, can create threshold visual fields and make as the fastest perimeters on the market today. Humphrey 740i/745i/750i with extremely operator friendly provide earlier detection of glaucomatous visual field loss like no other perimetry unit available.